USA Swimming

It is time to get your USA Swimming registration forms sent in if you want or need to be registered this year. Below you will find the answers to some of the questions regarding USA Swimming registration.

Who should register as a USA Swimmer?

USA registration is only required if you are swimming at a USA Swimming approved swim meet. USA swim meets include the WI Regional swim meet in Fond du Lac, Midwest Regionals in Minnesota, and all meets that take place outside of the regular swim season (i.e. summer swim meets). None of the regular season conference swim meets require USA Swimming registration.

When should I register?

The ideal time to register as a USA swimmer is between September 1st and December 31st. Registration is good until December 31st the following year.

How do I register?

The forms are all located on the NLAC (USA Club) page along with their instructions.

How much does USA Swimming cost?

Registration normally costs $93. If you qualify for the OUTREACH program, registration cost is reduced to only $25.