2021 FAST Pentathlon

The Flambeau Area Swim Team competed in its first meet since the pandemic began on
Saturday, Nov. 13 at the Ladysmith pool.
During the Lusk Pentathlon, the FAST swimmers had many significant improvements
and best times in their events. Notable mentions include Lauren Hansen and Kayleen
Powell dropping more than a minute across all five of their events.
Other significant improvements include swimmers Sarah Allard, Abi Fye, Signey Heath,
Elijah Hendrick, Nolan Kammerud, Sophia Kammerud, Luke Mikunda, Eli Minton,
Hannah Minton, Lyra Moffitt, Charley Nobles, Olivia Repka, Syrus Trott, Nash
VanDeVoort, Valerie VanDeVoort and Kadence Wagner. These swimmers all swam best
times of 15 or more seconds across each of their events.
Many new FAST swimmers made their debuts on Satuday.
The Lusk Pentathlon is named for FAST founder Jerry Lusk.
The significant improvement in all swimmers is contributed to their strong work ethic to
continually improve. The 2020-2021 swim season did not have any swim meets; however
the team used that season to build skills, improve technique and form and develop as
swimmers. This showed in returning swimmers throughout the meet.
FAST swim coaches believe even more great swims will continue to be seen at upcoming