Registration Fee Installment

We are thrilled that we’ve been able to stay in the pool! Given this, we are asking families to pay the remainder of registration fees by January 15, 2021. As you’ll recall, because we were unsure of how long our season would be, we only had families pay $50 at the beginning of the season. You can pay remainder fees via check–mail or put in black box at pool. You may also use the pay pal link found on our website. Each family needs to pay a $25 registration fee (one per family) plus the following amounts per swimmer. Please calculate a 10% discount for a second swimmer in your family or a 25% discount for a third swimmer in your family (taken from lesser or equal amount). Please contact Cory Verdegan (, Board President or Kathy Vacho (, Board Treasurer with questions or concerns. Please also contact Cory or Kathy if this creates financial hardship for your family.

Bronze: $60 per swimmer

Silver B: $90 per swimmer

Silver A: $100 per swimmer

Titanum: $120 per swimmer

Gold: $130 per swimmer

Platinum: $150 per swimmer